The Mountain Leader scheme is designed for people who want to lead groups in the mountains, hills and moorlands of the UK and Ireland. If you love being out in the mountains and want to share your enthusiasm with others, become a Mountain Leader and you’ll never look back.

We love running these courses here in North Wales and helping people on their journey to becoming qualified Mountain Leaders. Our instructors are active practitioners doing the work of the Mountain Leader award; as well as being mega experienced at delivering inspiring training courses and relaxed fun assessments.

Stages of the Mountain Leader Scheme

To become a Mountain Leader you need to Register for the award scheme, attend a Training Course, Consolidate your skills and then attend an Assessment course.

Detailed instructions of what you need to do before attending our training or assessment courses can be found on the respective course pages, but if you have any questions or need advice please do get in touch. We are a leading provider of Mountain Training courses here in Snowdonia.