The Climbing Wall Instructor qualification trains and assesses candidates in the skills required to supervise climbers on purpose built artificial climbing walls and boulders. It is ideal for people who work at climbing walls or at venues with permanent or mobile climbing towers.

In addition to our experience of delivering the Climbing Wall Instructor award scheme, we are active and current Climbing Instructors instructing climbing sessions with various groups. We’re passionate climbers ourselves and the only thing we love more than teaching climbing, is developing psyched instructors who want to teach climbing.

We strive to provide a relaxed, friendly atmosphere on our Climbing Wall Instructor Assessments so candidates can perform at their very best. We’re passionate about instructing and even though you’re on assessment, our aim is to provide development and learning opportunities for you to not just pass your award, but set you on the path to becoming a great instructor.


The Climbing Wall Instructor Assessmentcovers the following main syllabus areas:

  • Technical Competence – including equipment, belaying, personal skills and background knowledge.
  • Management and Decision Making – including planning, managing participants, decision making, knowledge and demonstation of techniques and managing other staff.
  • Teaching and Learning Skills – including fitting equipment, tying-in and belaying.
  • The Climbing Environment – including access, etiquette and ethics.


Course Details

Before booking, you should ensure you meet the prerequisites set out by Mountain Training;

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have attended a Climbing Wall Instructor (or Climbing Wall Award) training course or have been granted exemption from training.
  • You must be familiar with the syllabus. (see ).
  • You must have logged a minimum of 30 personal climbing visits to at least three different climbing walls.
  • You must have led a minimum of 40 climbs on climbing walls.
  • You must be confident at leading routes at Fr 4.
  • You must have assisted in the supervision of at least 15 instructed sessions on at least two different walls including a large public facility in a variety of contexts.
  • At least five of these sessions must have personal reflective comments recorded on DLOG.
  • You must have physically attended and completed (i.e. not online) a first aid course which involved at least one full day or eight hours of instruction and included an element of assessment.

What if I don’t have all the prerequisites yet?

All our course programs as ever are flexible to adapt to the specific needs of clients and individual experiences. Thankfully being an indoor award the Climbing Wall Instructor training is not as much at the mercy of the weather and so the rough itinerary below is a good idea of what we'll cover.

Day 1


  • Course Start - we'll meet at Basecamp at 08:30 for introductions, discussion of your experience, aims, and aspirations over tea & coffee.
  • Assessment Introduction - Mountain Training, scope of the scheme and an outline of the assessment process.
  • Home Paper Discussion - we'll likely look at and discuss the homepapers in the morning as a group.
  • Collect & Check Kit - technical equipment handed out and personal kit check.
  • Travel to Climbing Wall - we’ll organise lift-shares to reduce impact and ease parking. We're lucky to have a few good and different sized climbing climbing walls within striking distance.
  • Teaching and Coaching Skills - we'll ask you to deliver some instructional sessions to the group on warm-ups, technical skills and coaching.
  • Personal Leads -we'll assess your personal indoor lead climbing at F4.
  • Group Management - considerations and top tips for managing various groups at walls.
  • Problem Solving - we'll ask you to solve some common problems when working with groups.
  • Return to Basecamp - return to Basecamp for around 15:30, hand in kit, grab a well-earned brew.
  • Individual Debriefs - assessment results, feedback and advice.
  • What Next? - we’ll discuss individual Action Plans for deferrals. As a group we’ll discuss working as a Climbing Wall Instructor with advice and top tips.
  • Course Finish - usually we’ll wrap up the course by around 16:30.

Llanberis, Snowdonia National Park

Basecamp – all our Snowdonia based courses start from our Basecamp, right on the high street in Llanberis. With great facilities for presentations and free tea & coffee.

Snowdonia Climbing Walls List – we’re ideally placed with lots of great climbing walls close by. A few of the great local walls we have nearby are listed here;

  • The Beacon Climbing Centre – a great facility just 10 minutes drive from our base in Llanberis with world class facilities – top roping, lead climbing, bouldering and auto belays.
  • The Indy Climbing Wall – a little further at 20 minutes is another great climbing wall with top rope and lead climbing, and a substantial bouldering area.
  • The Boathouse Climbing Centre – a little further at 30 minutes is this gem of a wall in Llandudno. Top rope, lead and bouldering on offer including some routes on real stone (wall!) and a good opportunity to see some of the other actvities climbing walls may offer such as the indoor caving and leap of faith challenge.
  • Plas y Brenin Climbing Wall – also 30 minutes away is the wall at Plas Y Brenin with a small lead / top rope area and bouldering. They have some great crack volumes for practicing jamming.
  • The Rock – Harlech Climbing Wall – 40 minutes away, a good little wall with decent height roped climbs and a small bouldering area.

World Class Climbing – whilst it’s an indoor climbing course, it would be a shame not to take the opportunity to get outside and experience some of the world class climbing here in Snowdonia before or after the course.

Accommodation – check out our Llanberis Accommodation Guide with top picks for all budgets.

We provide a detailed kit list for each of our courses so you know exactly what kit you’ll need and what we’ll provide. We appreciate kit can be pretty pricey so we’ll advise where is best to spend your money and what kit we really rate. We can provide all the group rigging kit on this course such as static ropes for rigging.
Download the Kit List
We have also set up a 15% discount for Mountain Independence clients with V12 Outdoors. They are our favorite climbing shop with an amazing range of kit, super friendly and knowledgeable staff and they’re very local – exactly 100m from our door in Llanberis!
V12 Outdoor Logo

Kit List – Climbing Wall Instructor AssessmentA guide to the kit we recommend for attending the Climbing Wall Instructor Assessment course with Mountain Independence.

Climbing Wall Instructor Skills ChecklistA skills checklist from Mountain Training to help gauge your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the Climbing Wall Instructor assessment.

Climbing Wall Instructor HandbookHandbook for the Mountain Training Climbing Wall Instructor qualification scheme.


General FAQs

For more generalised questions please visit our FAQs page or for questions specifically relating to the Climbing Wall Instructor Assessment course see below.

Climbing Wall Instructor Assessment FAQs

Whilst Mountain Training specify that candidates must be at least 17 years old to register for this award and can attend the training from age 17, you must be 18 years old to attend the assessment.

Climbing Wall Entrance Costs are not included in the price though often our clients will receive a discount entering the wall with us.

If you're only a little short, and are planning on gaining some more experience prior to the assessment we will be happy to take a booking if you can outline a plan to have the required experience by the start of the course. Having said that we would highly recommend waiting until you have all the prerequisites as they are bare minimums!

Mountain Training set their prerequisites for good reason, having a good base of experience and understanding on which to build the knowledge and skills is vital. Research has shown that candidates who arrive at Assessment courses with less experience are more likely to defer or fail assessment than candidates who have a greater depth of personal experience.

It is your responsibility to hold the necessary prerequisites by assessment, neglecting to do so will result in a technical deferral as a minimum. We want you to arrive at assessment feeling prepared and confident so you can enjoy the process and gain the successful result you want!

If you've done all the prerequisites but you still feel you're not quite ready for assessment, then consider booking on to one of our refresher courses or get some private coaching. Get in Touch.